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Healing Retreat

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DATES: August 7th-12th, 5 nights and 4 day SEDONA, AZ Retreat Program of a lifetime!

Revitalize your health, heal mother-daughter wounds, body image shame, and your sisterhood wounds. Renew your mind and self-confidence for 2024.




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Looking for Free Therapeutic group work? June founded the Innate Wisdom Circle.

Find a circle or support group! 

7 circles each month countrywide.

Find out more details by clicking below.

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*Community Health Women's Group Facilitator


Design your own groups and circles!

Reflect on the importance of community health in your area and how you can be of service!

Cultivate wholesome events and gatherings.

Ignite your leadership, find a community of fellow leaders, and gain incredible mentors.

All Virtual Training:

  • 6 weeks and 12 hours of live online group training.

  • 4 months of private 1:1  training with June.
  • Claim your spot any time before November when the group training begins.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: June is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Trauma, PTSD and Somatics Research for Mental Health

*She is only taking on clients who are serious about doing what it takes to improve their mental health. And are willing to put in the time, energy, and investment to see long-lasting change.*

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Work with June 1:1. Online

Trauma-Informed Care Practice

Come here for:

-Wealth psychology

-High-Net-Worth Family Care

-A Client-Centered Approach

-Rogerian Theory 



-Brain Training

-Somatic Experiencing 

-Somatic Resourcing

-Nervous System Regulation

-Trauma Resolution 

-Identity Development Psychology

-Inner child work

-Internal family systems “parts work”

-And More!


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What are your needs?


I support individuals who have received diagnoses and those who have not.


People come to me for healing in these specific areas.

-Stress Management Skills

-Navigating the Stress of Divorce

-Corporate Burnout

-Career Change

-Relationship Healing


-High Anxiety

-Social Anxiety 

-Sexual Abuse Recovery

-Abortion Recovery

-Religious, Cult, or Spiritual Trauma

-PTSD Recovery

-PTSD in Veterans

-MST in Veterans

-Nervous System/Emotional Regulation

-Hypersensitivity in HSPs. 


Working with those who experience Mild Anxiety to severe PTSD. 


If you are starting over after a career, a relationship or illness this is the right place for you.



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June offers both in-person and virtual lectures/workshops for Personal Development Programs, Wellness Retreats and Corporate America.

Book June for Speaking and Education

  • Keynotes for conferences.

  • Continuing education for doctors, lawyers and accountants.

  • Retreat speaker for trauma and healing retreats.

  • Hilton 16x mental health and wellness speaker.

    June customizes her lectures and workshops based on the industry.

Next Public/Live Keynote. Come to THAT Tech Conference WISCONSIN Contact to book. 

June is a world-renowned generational trauma researcher, wellness counselor, and coach for PTSD,  trauma resolution, hypersensitivity, and igniting emotional intelligence. 


Her clients are often in leadership roles such as doctors, therapists and business owners looking for someone who has cutting-edge research on nervous system regulation for trauma. 


More about June Schedule your call with June.

"Before beginning my therapeutic journey with June I had been through several different therapists who weren’t a good fit. ⁣⁣I was suffering with some substance abuse issues due to several traumatic events and was very nervous when we started but I knew right away that June’s holistic approach was what I had been looking for all along. ⁣⁣ Having a master's in mental health and being a counselor in yoga teacher myself I understand the importance of mind/body connection when moving through trauma. Since starting my journey with June I am more grounded, peaceful, confident and aware. ⁣⁣I highly recommend Syndesi Wellness whether you need healing from trauma, food issues, substance abuse, just going through a bump in the road or even just more help in realizing your potential.⁣ "

In her late 40s.⁣ Holds a Masters Degree in Mental Health, teaches yoga, betters her community, is a kick ass mom and wife.⁣ Currently lives in Texas.
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When I hear my clients say,

“My happy place is no longer just a notion or idea, now it’s a reality and I created it.” -Alexa

I know my job is done.

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